Recipe: Piña Colada Triple Threat Protein Shake

pina col 3I cook. I swear. I actually enjoy working in the kitchen. And if you follow me on Instagram, you can see I can hold my own.

But ironically, this is my first recipe post ever and it’s a shake! Before I spell it all out I want to address the topic of real food vs. shakes and other items. From a paleo perspective, the ideal is to achieve nutrient sufficiency from real, unprocessed foods that are congruent with our physiology and genetics. But in our modern world, ideal and real often converge into a “do the best you can” mentality. Which I think is totally appropriate.

The goal then is to feed ourselves the best we can and fill in the gaps where appropriate, using supportive and non-harmful products.

Enter something like a shake. You’ve just crushed a workout, or maybe you’re in a pinch for time in the morning before work and cooking a full blown meal isn’t going to happen. Now what? Now, you do your best. You hopefully have stocked your pantry with some items like 100% grass fed whey protein powder, fruit, gelatin, coconut milk, MCT oil, etc and you can make a quick, healthy choice.

NOTE: I’m going to reference the excellent supplemental products from Calton Nutrition – please go read a full review in my last post before proceeding! The “Triple Threat” is using all three of their products in one shake. Also note, Nutreince is not supposed to be mixed with food, as it can hinder their patented anti-competition technology. For this recipe, I make a small exception in order to get that classic & epic taste 🙂

Recipe: “Triple Threat Piña Colada”
–> 1 scoop In.Power Whey Protein powder
–> 1 Tsp SkinnyFat MCT oil
–> 1 packet Citrus Splash Nutreince am
–> 5 Chunks frozen pineapple
–> Splash of Coconut milk
–> 6-8 oz water
–> Crushed Ice
–> Blend it to your desired consistency (I use a magic bullet)

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