How Expectation Improves Our Vision

iStock_expectationI was listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer awhile back, and he was telling a story about being in California on a trip. (It’s been a while, and I can’t find the audio, but this is my paraphrase). He was out walking the coast and some folks recognized him and asked him what he thought about the area and the people out there. He said that they were wonderful, friendly and very hospitable and they reminded him a lot like the people where he had just been. The folks agreed and went about their day. A little while later a different couple approached him and during the conversation they said they moved from an eastern city to California because the people where they were from were so horrible. Dr. Dyer asked the couple what he thought of the folks in California and they said, “It’s the same thing out here! Everyone treats us poorly and we don’t like them much either!”

The moral of the story, of course is that no matter where you are, you will see the world and its people with the light and perspective that you bring. So if you expect people to be terrible, you will find plenty of evidence to support your viewpoint. Conversely, and much healthier I might add, is the expectation to find beauty, love, whimsy, and wonder in the world and its inhabitants.

I’ve written previously about the power of perspective. And while I don’t claim to understand why some people insist on seeing the world in a negative light, I can choose my own thoughts. It’s a daily grind sometimes, to be sure. Shutting out the negative and shining positivity can often feel draining. But there is no advantage to expecting and focusing on the worst this world has to offer. It really does us no good at all.

However, a truly remarkable thing happens when you approach the world with a purposeful expectation of good. You notice that positive things are illuminated and brought your way. It’s like when you buy a new car, and you start noticing how many other people have your same vehicle! Look – it’s even the same color! Cool!

The synergy is already there. Now you can see it clearer. 

Sidenote: I can hear an objection hanging out there in the pessimistic wind. Something like: “But Dr. Scott, the world is full of evil. Isn’t this burying your head in the sand?” It cannot be denied that there is indeed plenty to be concerned about. I’m not advocating that we pretend it’s all rainbows and unicorns out there. However, if you approach the world with an intent to see positivity, you might just find amazing ways to use your talents to ease the injustices.

In addition to checking and choosing your thoughts, you can also choose (for the most part) the people you surround yourself with. Are they like-minded in their positive expectations? Or are they constantly complaining? Do they focus on the injustice in their own lives and how everyone else is attacking them? Or do they seek ways to improve, share, love and give to others? Are they naysayers or overcomers?

Here’s the cheat sheet for us short attention span millennials:

-Expect to see positivity, beauty and blessing.
-Choose your thoughts and actions.
-Check and choose your surroundings for that which uplifts.

That’s the short, but sweet message today. I hope it helps.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Scott

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