The 2 Minute Fix: “Superman Test & Exercise”

This post is part of a new series I’m calling “The 2 Minute Fix” which will be short videos to teach people easy self-care solutions to common movement faults.

The Problem
A common problem is neurologically inhibited (aka “deactivated”) posterior chain muscles. These include some of the scapular stabilizers that I addressed in a previous video as well as the muscles of the back and glutes. Some of the common movement faults associated with this problem is trouble keeping a vertical chest in a deep squat and a much weaker front squat than back squat.

The Fix
Continuing in the series of exercises to stabilize the posterior chain I demonstrate the “Superman” which can be used as a test of stability as well as a corrective exercise. A positive test would be if you are unable to perform this exercise by bringing both the upper and lower extremity off the ground at the same time or unable to hold for 3 seconds. The Rx is 3 sets of 10, holding for 3 seconds.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Scott

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