The 2 Minute Fix: Mid Back Pain Relief

This post is part of a series I’m calling “The 2 Minute Fix” which will be short videos to teach people easy self-care solutions to common movement faults.

The Problem:
One of the most common complaints in modern society is mid back pain. We sit and hunch over desks and computers far too much.

The Fix:
Here I demonstrate my top two exercises for mid back pain relief. Pairing a mobility exercise with a stability exercise is vital for long term relief.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Scott

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4 thoughts on “The 2 Minute Fix: Mid Back Pain Relief

  1. Katie

    HI Dr. Scott –

    I’ve used a previous video to help with some shoulder impingement issues i’ve been having. Originally I believed the issues steamed from doing CrossFit. However, after doing some tracking back – the issues actually started right around the same time I installed a standing desk (The VeriDesk) in my office and I feel that “dead shoulder” feeling soon after using it in it’s standing position…. any thoughts? have you seen/heard of this scenario before? I had a doc come and check out the position it was in (too high/too low) but it hasn’t helped…



    • scottamillsdc Post author

      Hey Katie,
      No I haven’t heard of that specific correlation between shoulder impingement and standing desks before. My general take on desks is that we are neither designed for full time standing nor full time sitting. Is there a way for you to mix both/different positions during your work day?


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