Full Body Fix Radio #5: Ask the Doc – Is it safe to ‘crack’ my neck?

This week’s show is the first of my solo pods! I’ll tackle a listener question and run through some of my favorite new segments.


  1. Welcome [1:00]
  2. Sponsor – Purewod [1:57]
  3. Structure of Solo Pod [2:35]
  4. Movement Myth Buster/Listener Question – Is it safe to crack your own neck and what is the noise? [4:38]
  5. Sponsor – Siete Family Foods [10:30]
  6. Man Made Paleo – What’s Doc Cooking? Breakfast tacos [11:15]
  7. Movement Challenge – sign up for something! [14:30]
  8. The 4 Tendencies – Gretchen Ruben
  9. The Crossfit Open
  10. Teasing the next show with Dr. Will Cole [17:45]

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