Full Body Fix Radio #2: Soft Tissue Adhesions & Integrative Diagnosis with Dr. Chris Stepien

On the show this week is my buddy Dr. Chris Stepien. He’s a Chiropractor at Barefoot Rehab Clinic and co-owner of Heroes Journey Crossfit in Parsippany, NJ.

Live Date 1/1/2017


  1. Welcome [1:00]
  2. Sponsor – PureWod Build [2:10] Coupon Code “Fullbodyfix” 10% off
  3. Movement Myth Busters – Dr. Scott on Foam Rolling the IT-Band [2:45]
  4. Interview with Dr. Stepien – Bio [10:50]
  5. How did you get into Chiropractic? [12:58]
  6. Barefoot Rehab Clinic and why pair it with a Crossfit facility? [14:50]
  7. Heroes Journey & Joseph Campbell – what does it mean? [17:09]
  8. Soft Tissue Adhesions. What they are, where they come from, how to treat? [19:33]
  9. Integrative Diagnosis by Dr. Brady, what is it and what drew you to this approach? What makes it unique? [22:05]
  10. What is the bucket analogy? [27:15]
  11. Tell me why you’ve gotten away from typical Chiropractic Adjustments? [30:48]
  12. Where can people find out more about Integrative Diagnosis? [35:07]
  13. Connect with Dr. Chris Stepien: [36:22]
    Web: Barefootrehab.com
    Gym/Fitness: Heroes Journey
    Facebook: @barefootrehabclinic
  14. Sponsor – Siete Family Foods [39:00]

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