Finding Your “WHY”

purposeI was at a chiropractic seminar 7 or so years ago and one of the speakers kept asking, “How big is your WHY?” Truthfully, I had no idea what he was talking about. All I heard was a nonsensical sentence.

It took me opening my own practice to understand what he meant. It took personal and professional hardship and success to realize the seminal importance of determining WHY we do what we do.

I believe that discovering, passionately pursuing, and faithfully living out the purpose of our lives is foundational to everything positive and successful in life.

If you ask people, “what is the meaning of life?” you’ll get a lot of different answers. Love. Being a good person. Serving God. Serving Man. Serving Self. Or maybe, “there is no meaning.”

But I‘d say it’s hard to argue with the sentence in orange above.

So what’s your WHY? What’s your purpose? Do you know? If not, how do you find it? I think the discovery process is different for everyone. A lot of people say that it’s whatever you’re most passionate about. But what if you’re really passionate about playing video games or gambling…well that’s not likely the path to success. (Unless you invent video games or happen to be a poker pro.)

I can’t answer the “how do I find my WHY?” question for you. You have to do some soul searching and make some mistakes and have some success and keep moving forward. It will also likely require time and a set of dedicated habits, like spending early mornings intentionally vision casting and mission seeking. I find quiet time, disconnected from life’s distractions is vital for finding your calling.

I also thought telling you my purpose would help get you thinking about yours.

I believe my purpose is to help others achieve theirs.

There’s a saying I love that goes, “The first wealth is health.” You see, without health everything else breaks down. You might have a crystal clear understanding of your purpose, but you’re so sick you can’t fulfill it, or even work toward it.

Maybe you’re a stay at home mom – one of the most important WHYs on the planet. How effective are you if you have chronic headaches, fatigue and pain?

I believe if I can educate, empower and encourage people to move toward the healthiest versions of themselves, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

How about you?

Yours in Health,

Dr. Scott

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