Book Review & Giveaway: “Against All Grain” By Danielle Walker

AAG-Cover-849x1024I’ve met a lot of great people this year. As I ventured out in to the Paleosphere with my own take on how to help others “unlock the physician within,” I had the good fortune of meeting Danielle Walker of Against All Grain. She’s one of these people who have an immediate approachable likability, paired with incredible talents and a genuine heart to help others.

I first met her at PaleoFx in Austin, Tx and then was thrilled to be able to have a meal at Legume with her and The Food Lovers (Bill & Hayley) when her book tour came to Pittsburgh. We rallied the Pittsburgh Paleo Posse (aka First Comes Health & the Primal Burgher) to Barnes and Noble where we were able to hear Danielle’s story of how she used food to heal her Ulcerative Colitis. And what a powerful story it is!


Dr. Scott, Danielle, Jill, Janelle, & the Dude at Barnes & Noble, PGH

Interacting with so many people in health recovery, I’ve come to really appreciate the transformative power of story. I have previously shared my own journey in conquering debilitating low back pain. These stories connect us to the amazing capacity for health and healing within all of us. And they give us hope.

With the release of her book Against All GrainDanielle’s story of hope is reaching thousands of people. Some may be struggling with similar digestive problems, and some may be simply trying to navigate a treacherous industrial food system in a healthier manner. Whatever the case, this book is on my list of MUST OWNS!

Danielle has included over 150 gluten free, grain-free and dairy-free recipes in this book. She has packed it with absolute necessities as well as unique treats, and helpful replacements to make the journey so much more enjoyable and practical. Each recipe has a beautiful full page color photo in her signature accessible style.

I was able to snag a signed copy of Against All Grain from Danielle at the Pittsburgh event and am giving it away to one lucky winner here on the blog. If you don’t win, or don’t already own this NY Times Bestseller, make sure to go grab it for you or a loved one! The drawing will be open until Sunday November 17th at midnight. Simply use the Rafflecopter form below & best of luck!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Scott

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Disclaimer: While I received a copy of this book to review, I was under no obligation to make it positive. 

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45 thoughts on “Book Review & Giveaway: “Against All Grain” By Danielle Walker

  1. Theresa C

    I got interested in the Paleo / gluten and grain free lifestyle because my husband had major leaky gut and acid reflux and his doctors wanted to put him on $200 a month worth of pills. I knew there had to be something better and more logical out there. It has been life changing!

  2. Erin B

    i became interested in real food pursuing my own health and curious about healing leaky gut due to my best friend having Crohns.

  3. Alicia

    I started paleo with “Practical Paleo” almost 2 years ago because of an autoimmune disease and it has been working great for me and all my family!

  4. Pam Marhenke

    I got interested in gluten-free/grain-free/paleo nutrition when I started paying attention and getting pissed off. After eliminating grains from my diet, the first thing I noticed was the inflammation and pain in my knees diminished.

  5. Jana

    My husband nearly died from ulcerative colitis. I felt sure he could heal, and started researching diet, inflammatory foods, and found paleo and GAPS. He’s doing much better now and we Are so happy!

  6. Bobbie

    My recently discovered allergies is what got me interested. Also some other health issues had an impact on my decision. Working at making myself feel amazing once again!

  7. Markay Ebejer

    My husband was diagnosed with Celiac 4 years ago. Since it was easier to cook gluten free, I rarely ate gluten. I noticed when I did I had dark circles under my eyes and became bloated. Needless to say, I am now gluten free as well. Any other grains we eat are soaked and/or sprouted.

  8. Jessica Valliere

    I didn’t have anything as scary as UC, but I came into the Paleo world because of digestive issues as well. Danielle’s story is powerful, and if it doesn’t convince you that food can be your best form of medicine, I don’t know what could!

  9. PaulL

    I became interested in the Paleo/grain-free lifestyle after seeing the results I got trying it for a while and losing a bunch of weight. It’s going on 3 years now and there’s no turning back!

  10. Deb E

    I started two years ago on a GF diet and it’s been so much better but still so much to learn and try. I was in a state of malnourishment but doing much better now. My digestive issues are still challenging so learning every day what helps and what doesn’t.

  11. Heather Morgan

    I’m trying to get a hold on my thyroid which is all out of whack. My weight is stuck/going up even when I’m eating healthy. I’m very interested in what pale.grain free would do for me.

  12. Amber P

    I went paleo because I already had so many food allergies/autoimmune issues that it just made sense. I’ve never looked back, or have looked better. 😉

  13. Michelle

    I had various health issues that I assumed where related to food. I went from vegetarian to gluten free to vegan. I decided if I had to eat such a restricted diet I should work with a nutritionist but was also hoping I didn’t need to eat such a restricted diet! My nutritionist gave me HCl supplements and told me to start eating meat with every meal. She basically steered me to paleo and I have never looked back. Once I started paleo, the balanced bites podcast was a huge influence for getting me to stick with the paleo diet.

  14. Lisa P

    I got into GF/Paleo because of my own personal health struggles, and I did an Enterolab test that showed gluten sensitivity and a Cyrex cross-reactivity test that showed a sensitivity to all grains.

  15. Tammy

    I have PCOS, and low carb is the recommended diet to help heal/decrease symptoms. It works! When I stick to it, I feel better, and my symptoms are better.

  16. Lois

    I was following Doug Kaufman on Know The Cause and through him discovered Mark Sisson, and through Mark came across the paleo diet. I am overweight, have high blood pressure, and hypothyroidism. I just finished the Whole 30 program but am staying on it. I just went to the doctor, and my weight, cholesterol, triglycerides and BP were down. Needless to say my doctor was as thrilled as I am!

  17. Jessica

    I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy in 2009 (along with being intolerant to dairy, potatoes and refined sugar). I slowly went gluten-free then did a Whole 30 which finally got gluten and sugar out of my system for good. It was a natural to start following Paleo after that (although I’m not 100% since I still eat some rice). It’s been a healing process and continues to be but I’m so thankful for the myriad resources out there!

  18. Laura P

    After only being able to eat jello and water for 2.5 weeks and having pancreatitis for the 3rd time in a year, I went to a wholistic doctor who told me it was all due to food allergies (gluten & corn) and sensitivities (rice, potatoes, beans, etc.). The paleo lifestyle clicked and I have now gained 56+ pounds of healthiness. (I don’t want to say I lost the weight, because I don’t want to find it again!)
    I thank my lucky stars, every day, for this paleo community. 🙂

  19. Sarah C.

    My son has ADHD and PDD-NOS. I have been on a mission to heal him naturally-and my own health has been transformed as well!

  20. Charly

    Constant bloating, gas, heartburn, heart palpatations, costochondritis, acne, lethargy, and on and on and on. Took me years to figure out what was causing all of this. First I started with gluten-free, and I’ve begun moving into Paleo. I feel 100% better, and am encouraging my loved ones to do the same.

  21. april

    I first got interested when my brother told me about “The Paleo Solution”. After reading it I wanted to go grain-free to improve my health.

  22. Danielle

    I got interested in Paleo when I wanted to lose weight and improve my health. I started reading about it and listening to Balanced Bites podcast and the Paleo View. I’m still learning but making great improvements in my health.

  23. Kelly

    I found paleo about 2 years ago after having gone gluten and dairy free a few years before that. I have celiac and thyroid disease and my daughter is a type 1 diabetic with celiac… it’s been a lifesaver. I already purchased Danielle’s book as a wedding gift but don’t have a copy for myself yet. Fingers crossed…

  24. Alex

    Prior to becoming paleo, I had so many stomach issues. I was always in pain and doctors could never understand why. I knew that to help myself I would have to heal my body through good clean food. I found paleo and after 2 years I have never had any of the issues I had before becoming paleo. I’m always looking for new ways to spice up mine and my family’s food and this cookbook would be extremely helpful in doing so!
    Thank you!

  25. Laura Scaviola

    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in March 2013.
    About 20 minutes after my colonoscopy my gastro doc had a conversation with me about my severe case of pancolitis and the possibility of surgery if the meds do not work. I asked him “Is there a food I should be eating or not eating to help this?”. His response was that technically there is said not to be a link to this and food, but I could tell he didn’t believe it. He said, “I have a patient that guided her remission with the Paleo diet”. With my hospital bracelet still on, my mother drove me to the grocery store and I’ve been eating Paleo since.

    • Laura Scaviola

      I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in March 2013.
      About 20 minutes after my colonoscopy my gastro doc had a conversation with me about my severe case of pancolitis and the possibility of surgery if the meds do not work. I asked him “Is there a food I should be eating or not eating to help this?”. His response was that technically there is said not to be a link to this and food, but I could tell he didn’t believe it. He said, “I have a patient that guided her remission with the Paleo diet”. With my hospital bracelet still on, my mother drove me to the grocery store and I’ve been eating Paleo since.

      I have been healthy ever since.

  26. Alanna Cathcart

    I strained my back over a year ago and I went to get acupuncture. I started asking questions about acne and if acupuncture was something that could help. He went on to tell me how giving up grains, sugar, and dairy would do that for me. I honestly thought he was crazy and said no way. Well my acne was getting worse and I felt horrible about myself. I told myself I would try Paleo for 6 weeks. I wanted to give up the first week but I stuck with it. Here I am 11 months later, 20 pounds lighter, still eating Paleo and loving it! Not only did it help my skin, but I was no longer bloated all the time or always dealing with nausea. I had no idea those were even things that would go away. Now when I have the occasional cheat it shows in my skin and I feel it in my stomach. I always go back to Paleo 🙂

  27. Simone

    I got interested in paleo through a friend.
    At first it was because I wanted to eat/feel/live healthier. That for sure happened! I’ve never felt and looked better (lost 20 kilos)
    Also, my mom suffers from Crohn’s disease, I’ve had bad aches since I can remember too. Since I started paleo this is all gone! I can eat what I want, within paleo ofcourse, and never have to worry about getting sick.
    Now I hope my mom will try it too. She’s had several surgeries and needs something that will ease her disease.
    This book might be a good start for her to see how to make tasty and healthy alternatives.
    All the best from a Dutchie

  28. Michelle P

    I first got interested in gluten free/paleo when I started doing cross fit and came across the Balanced Bites podcast. The more I listened the more interested and curious I became! I have stuck with it because I have seen such a difference in my energy levels, digestion, skin and headaches!

  29. Amy Ayers

    I’ve dealt with lactose intollerance since early 2000. After an IBS diagnosis in the spring of 2010, I began taking OTC and prescription meds every day to try and help combat those symptoms. After more than 2 years of doing this (with little relief), I came across Paleo through a friend and decided to give it a try. I have not looked back since. My IBS is 99% better than it was a year ago, and I’ve had an almost complete reversal with my asthma and allergies. The one time in the past 14 months that I was accidentally glutened, I had a bad reaction with my allergies. So happy now that I don’t include grains and gluten in my life because I now know and understand what they had been doing to me for so long.

  30. Stephanie KL

    I was tired of feeling bloated, gassy, brain fogged. Eating paleo was the greatest solution and I’m not turning back!


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