Bombfell: Affordable Personal Stylist for Men

bombfell1Hey there! This one is for guys who like to look good in their clothes, but don’t love the hassle of in-store shopping.

I found the online service Bombfell about a year ago and have had a lot of success with their personalized and simplified approach to clothes shopping.

From jeans and jackets that actually fit, to comfortable shirts and long sleeve button downs that keep my style fresh, I’ve had a blast with this service.

bombfell-jacket3It’s really easy. Just sign up, fill in a few measurements and upload a few pictures and your assigned stylist sends you a box of 4-5 items for FREE. Best of all, if you use my custom link you’ll get $25 in credit toward your first purchase. They even offer free returns even if you send everything back. You only pay for what you keep. And don’t worry about pricing! You can set your comfort level on pricing. Unlike some of the other services out there that only send you expensive items, I’ve kept pants and shirts for reasonable ($50-75) prices. It’s a great option for guys that don’t have a lot of time to mess around bouncing from store to store.stitchfixmen1

Plus, I’ve found new brands like Johnnie-O, Wesc and DL1961 that fit me better than chain brands I’ve been wearing for years.

Here’s the link one more time to claim your $25 credit!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Dr. Scott