Ankle Rehab – Full Body Fix Preview

As part of my commitment to the Full Body Fix video rehab program, I’m continuing to add protocols to each of the Lower Body, Upper Body and Midline fixes.

This week, Ankle Rehab was added in the Lower Body module. The majority of ankle sprains are the “inversion” variety. This occurs when the bottom of the foot turns “in” and the ligaments and soft tissues on the outside of the ankle are disrupted to carrying degrees of severity.

ankle-sprain-invAcute, or new ankle injuries require patience. Time will help reduce the pain and inflammation so the patient can progress to mobility and stability type exercises. Chronic ankle injuries, and those that were never properly rehabilitated present further challenges, namely scar tissue. Soft tissue adhesions prevent proper healing, movement and adequate neuro-motor tone. This in-turn increases the likelihood of re-injury.

The Full Body Fix Ankle Rehab protocol addresses all of these issues. Gradual reduction of swelling with low impact mobility exercises. Return to weight bearing with stability exercises. Improvement in proprioception (neuro-motor control and response) with balance exercises. And removing soft tissue adhesion, either on your own or with the help of an ART provider.  In conjunction with your trusted provider’s guidance, it can dramatically improve your recovery.

Here’s a brief sneak peak:

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