5 Things I Learned From The 21 Day Sugar Detox

21 DSD cover 2I just finished up my second ever 21 Day Sugar Detox. I wanted to share some quick thoughts I had about it in hopes of helping others.

1. Preparation is key – The first time I tried the program (before the print book came out), I ran into real trouble around week two. I was unprepared. I hadn’t planned meals or snacks out in advance. I hadn’t planned on eating more carbs on workout days. I was hungry a lot because, you guessed it – I hadn’t planned well enough.
My tips include: Use the meal planner and recipes to map out your shopping and have a plan for your week. Make snacks like jerky ahead of time so you don’t panic and go hungry or eat something you shouldn’t.

2. Support – whether you live alone or have a big family, when you’re taking on a challenge like this having someone or something to lean on is so important. Utilizing the book, online forums, free e-mails, facebook, or an accountability partner can make the difference between success and failure. Like Diane says, “don’t be a hero.” Don’t go it alone either.

3. Favorites – Baking off a bunch of chicken thighs was my favorite go to meal, snack or ‘oops I forgot to plan dinner’ – dinner. They reheat well, but I ate more than a few cold, smothered in guac and hot sauce. About two weeks in, I leaned heavily on half of a green tipped banana with almond butter for some daily comfort.

4. ‘Missing’ old favorites – I can honestly say this wasn’t a huge issue for me. Granted, I eat fairly clean most of the time, so it’s not as big of a jump for me as it might be for others. The only thing I really ‘missed’ was having a hard cider with a friend here and there.

5. Results – The reason I do this is to clean up my habits, scale back on treats, get my palate more sensitive and quell cravings. I don’t do this for weight loss (nor do I recommend others plan on this). However, both times I’ve done this, I have ended up losing about 3 pounds and I’ve felt trimmer around my mid section. Noticeably. Hello abs…where have you been hiding? 🙂
While 3 pounds is not statistically significant for my weight (nor do I ‘need’ to lose any), I tracked mine 3 times per week just to see what would happen. I did not alter my workout routine, though a few of the higher intensity workouts felt admittedly ‘harder’ than usual while on the 21dsd. I’m really happy with how everything turned out. This time around, I noticed even less hunger, especially in week three. I even ‘accidentally’ missed a few meals because I simply wasn’t hungry.

People might see this program and think – “Skip sugar for 3 weeks? What’s the big deal?” But those of us who’ve gone through it realize just how pervasive sugar and sweetness has become within our food supply. There will be improvements you don’t even expect like mental clarity, better sleep, less cravings, sustained energy throughout the day and many more.

So give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.










Yours in Health,

Dr. Scott

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