5 Holistic Health Quotes to Live By

I’m one of those people who are inspired by people who are able to concisely summarize how I feel about a given topic. And since my professional life is immersed in trying to lead and help others toward better health by natural means, here’s a list of my 5 favorite holistic health quotes.

1. Thomas Edison – The Doctor of the Future
edison_dr-of-the-future There’s not much to improve upon here. It’s spot on. As a chiropractor, obviously I love the importance shown to the frame/spine. Throw in a word about proper diet and preventative care and you have a framework for true health care, not reactive sick care.

2. Hippocrates – Food as Medicine

Widely considered the father of modern “medicine,” Hippocrates made a strong statement about the importance of what we put in our bodies. If you’re still not sure – check out #3!

3. Hippocrates – “All Disease Begins in the Gut!”
Disease_gut_quote It seems like everyday a new study reports on the importance of our microbiome and gut health. Autoimmune diseases and others once thought to be idiopathic (unknown cause) are being traced back to gut health. Leaky Gut Syndrome is becoming more understood and accepted. Everything old is new again!

4. Willam Osler, MD – Double recovery
Osler-medicine-quote This isn’t a condemnation of all medicine, it’s a statement of fact. Medication can be life saving. There’s no need to pretend otherwise. Surely Dr. Osler, the first Chief Physician of Johns Hopkins relied on medication in his practice. But he is pointing out something we have forgotten. That all medication comes with side effects. That at their base structure they are lethal chemicals given in non-lethal doses. And while drugs can dramatically improve the lives of those who are in crisis or trauma, as a society we’ve slipped into a dangerous reliance on medication to “cure” everything. If our first reaction is to reach for a drug, that is not a sustainable model of health care. That is a society on the brink of health related bankruptcy mired in symptom based sick care. Never underestimate the power of your internal physician to be the great healer when given the proper raw materials. Eat well, move well, and think well!

5. BJ Palmer – You never know…
BJ_Palmer_affectmillionsBJ Palmer is widely considered the man who developed the chiropractic profession into what it is today – the largest alternative health care profession in the United States. He was eccentric and often criticized for being outspoken. But alas, well behaved people rarely make history. And the thing I love about his life is that he dared to think big. This quote is all about perspective. The choices we make daily are ripples that accumulate into tidal waves of influence. On our health, and on the lives of others. Choose wisely!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Scott

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